Sweet Bakery

Okay, I'll be the first to admit it. I have a wicked sweet tooth (and maybe it's the few days in Boston that have me saying "wicked", but anyway)... Everywhere I go I am drawn to treats. Especially being employed by a cupcake shop in Fargo, I always seem to locate some sort of bake … Continue reading Sweet Bakery


When you think of Fargo, North Dakota, I would assume that you wouldn't immediately think of an incredible sushi spot. However, that is exactly what you get with Wasabi (which shares a space with Drunken Noodle-- another amazing spot). Each time that my Dad and I go, we like to order some of the pasta … Continue reading Wasabi

Poke Bowl

One fairly new food craze that has really caught my attention is the poke bowl! Lucky for me, I have been able to try two different variations of the poke bowl. My favorite Fargo restaurant, Wasabi (a low key sushi spot), and the Poke Bowl food truck. I so greatly enjoyed the Wasabi version of … Continue reading Poke Bowl

Nice Juicery

Similar to most people my age, I am an avid Instagram user. Between my food and regular accounts, I love keeping up with my friends and what they're doing/eating. 😋 Nice Juicery is a place that I have been seeing all over Instagram lately, and it's located in Alexandria, MN (about halfway between my college … Continue reading Nice Juicery